Environmental Statement

Environmental statement is process of self-inspection for improvement in processes and reduction in waste over the last year.

In today’s world every industry is optimizing their sources, equipments, processes to face increasing competitions are forced to minimize environmental pollution. There is need of pressure on pollution contributing industries to optimize their production by improving production technologies.

The only mandatory process in Environmental Statement is to fill up the Form V and submit it to Pollution Control Board. If you notice Form V, there are fields where industry needs to put their last year’s numbers with current years numbers to identify where they stand.

Environmental Statement Submission Date

Notification for Environmental Statement form V published on 28 Apr 1992 by Ministry of Environment and Forest. As per act (Water, Air and Hazardous waste), every industry should submit environmental statement for financial year ending (i.e. 31st Mar) to concerned state Pollution Control Board before 30th September.

Information Collected through Environmental Statement Form V

In the Environmental Statement every industry should provide information on Production, Consumption of raw water, Pollutants discharged in environment, Solid and Hazardous waste with their Treatment Processes.

Important things to be reported to Pollution Control Board are:

  • If that company is reusing its by-products or waste material which results in reduction in consumption of Air, Water or energy.
  • Production cost
  • Additional investment proposals for environmental protection i.e. up-gradation, improvement in process or new equipments to reduce Environmental Pollution.

Environmental Statement Form V Filling Process

There are total nine Section in Environmental Statement Form V.

Part A

Basic information about company like name, address, industry category, production capacity and date of last Environmental Audit submitted.

Part B

This part is for comparison of Water and Raw Material consumption for this financial year to previous year.

Part C

This part is to measure Pollutants Discharged to environment through medium air and water. How much in excess, an industry is releasing the pollutants into the environment.

Part D

This part to measure Hazardous Waste from processes and from pollution control facilities

Part E

This Part is to measure solid waste generated by industry in addition to details like Quantity recycled, Sold and Disposed

Part F

Any new practices adopted to reduce Hazardous waste.

Part G

Impacts of pollution control measures on natural resources and with Cost of Production.

Part H

Additional Investment / Process / measures for minimization or prevention of pollution.

Part I

In this part other information / initiatives to improve quality of Environment needs to be given.

Whenever Part C, indicates high variation then Part H (i.e. Additional investment proposals for environmental protection including abatement of pollution) should be taken more seriously.

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Instructions: This is a status report of the FORM V.

Green Flags indicate that a PART is complete and succesfully saved.

Red Flags indicate that a PART is incomplete.

To go to any part in the form click on the respective PART in the summary report or on the overhead bar.

After all parts show a Green Flag you may click on Submit FORM V for final submission.

PART A  Complete
PART B  Complete
PART C  Complete
PART D  Complete
PART E  Complete
PART F  Complete
PART G  Not Complete
PART H  Complete
PART I  Complete

Instructions: After completion, click the check box: 'Complete' at the bottom, and then click Save Part A